Plegma Labs » Team

Nikos Ipiotis
Chief Executive Officer

BizDev @Velti, a leading global technology provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions, from startup to Nasdaq. Founded and exited a Greek social gaming network. Investor/Director @Warply a push-marketing cloud-based toolbox that enables brands, agencies and publishers. Investor/Director @CCS Digital Education, an industry leading e-learning technology provider, Investor/Advisor @Flipped Horizons, an Indie mobile game studio and Investor @InfamousLabs. Organizer @Aephoria.NET an incubator for sustainable businesses, and mentor @Metavallon, an early-stage entrepreneur mentoring program.

Dr. Antonis Markopoulos

Antonis holds a Ph.D. from the National Technical University of Athens. He has extensive experience in research and development programs both within the academic community and through his long career in the private sector, participating in the design of Integrated Information Systems, development of Innovative services as well as Business Development and Strategy. Antonis served as Special Secretary of Digital Planning in the Greek Ministry of Development responsible for the European Structural Operation Program of Digital Convergence, managing a €1.5B budget

Sarantis Kotsilitis
Head of Technology

Sarantis holds a Degree in Information and Communication Systems Engineering from the University of the Aegean and is currently working on his industrial PhD on energy disaggregation. He has joined Plegma Labs as head of Technology, assuming the leading role in the development of our enterprise IoT platform combining his software and hardware expertise. Sarantis has worked on major industrial infrastructure projects as an automation and embedded systems expert.

Athina Katsari
Software Engineer

Athena holds a Degree in Computer Science from the Athens University of Economics and Business specializing in software development.
Having joined Plegma Labs as a member of the University's internship program, she quickly worked her way up to partner as well as platform team leader. Athena is also in charge of Plegma Lab's onboarding and orientation process.

George Makrakis
Software Engineer

George (Georgios) holds a Degree from the Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, the University of the Aegean. He has joined Plegma Labs as a member of the University's internship program, specialized on software development. Also provides DevOps solutions and has IoT security, as basic guideline in every project he gets involved.

Dr. Manthos Bimpas
Research & Innovation

Manthos holds a Ph.D. from the National Technical University of Athens. He has been successfully involved in many European projects dealing with sensors, security, telematics, energy, IoT, communication systems and data processing. He has actively participated in more than 30 EC funded and national projects during the last 15 years. He is currently also an expert Horizon2020 reviewer and evaluator.

Yorgos Mousmoulas
Lead Advisor

Yiorgos holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and an MBA from INSEAD. Yiorgos' expertise bridges technology with business as he has over 20 years of international experience in key managerial and consulting positions in the ICT sector with various companies such as Accenture, IBM, Booz Allen Hamilton, Attica Ventures, Intralot etc. He is currently acting as general partner of a venture capital firm specializing in technology startups.

Dimitris Vranopoulos
Lead Investor

Dimitris holds a BSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Dimitris is an angel investor in technology startups. Previously, Dimitris worked as an Executive Director in the European Sales team of the Securities Division of Goldman Sachs. From 2001 to 2004, he was an investment banker with Salomon Smith Barney / Citigroup in London. Dimitris is currently advising on the formation of the Action Finance Initiative, a non-profit organization which aims to kickstart micro-finance in Greece.

Nikos Karapanagou
Non-Executive Director

Nikos holds a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He is currently Chairman of the BOD of VCI, and has vast experience in software and product development & large-scale project management. He has worked in the analysis, development and restructuring of processes for financial institutions, whilst setting up critical projects in the telecommunications industry such as the Number Portability. He has co-founded Odos Ltd. and sits on various boards of directors of Technology startups.