A Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network.

Plegma Labs is very pleased to join the GECKO ITN project, which aims to bring together the latest scientific advances, establishing a unique synergy between the social sciences, information sciences, and engineering. Based on a deep understanding of how people interact with technology, in their homes and outside, GECKO will develop a unique end-to-end methodology for designing ART AI that goes far beyond the state of the art. By designing AI from a user perspective, GECKO will prevent the limitation of current technologies where AI reasoning and outcomes could easily be harmful, emotionally offensive, and damaging to the wider society and economy.

GECKO will explore interpretable and explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to mitigate unintentional harm to end users caused by the ever-growing spectrum of poorly designed machine learning models, going beyond image and NLP applications. Finally, GECKO PhDs offers a unique opportunity to untangle relations between sustainability, technologies and people. The interdisciplinary ‘GECKO’ network connects world-leading teams of social, computer and information scientists working on smart technology, AI, human-computer interaction, sustainability, climate change, and responsible innovation. for more info please visit