euPOLIS: Integrated NBS-based Urban Planning Methodology

Our Research & Innovation team at Plegma Labs are proud to announce that our company is participating in the euPOLIS project, an international smartcities & NBS research project focusing on an “Integrated NBS-based Urban Planning Methodology, interconnecting the knowledge and experience of 28 partnering entities from all around the globe! euPOLIS aims to improve Public Health in cities by introducing nature-based solutions into urban planning practices. Our experts are taking the best from nature’s ways to regulate and improve biodiversity by incorporating various BLUE (water) and GREEN (plant life) aspects of nature into urban open spaces where it can intensify people’s wellbeing in terms of climate, ecological and socio-economic conditions. Our methodology introduces several analytical procedures making the process more transparent and open to stronger IT support. One of the specialties is the planning of urban spaces populated with vegetation with a proven beneficial impact on cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases. The philosophy is deeply grounded in the extensive and permanent citizens’ participation in urban-planning processes.

PLEGMA develops the IoT solution for data handling & transmission, producing the euPOLIS communication gateway, that incorporates the communications and data harvesting from the various environmental sensors deployed in 4 EU cities and leading the task of data acquisition and handling. Moreover, Plegma Labs is responsible for the project website.

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