Data spAces for smaRt Energy (DARE) Trustworthy and effective sharing of IoT device data in smart buildings across stakeholders, enabling intelligent energy management services. The objective of the experiment is to enable innovative cross-sectoral services to be delivered on top of vendor and application-specific building IoT equipment. DARE aims at allowing IoT data generated by building IoT equipment to be shared with third-party service providers. The implementation of widely applicable cross-sectoral energy services requires access to two types of data: a) generic data that can be used for training related AI models, and b) consumer-specific, real-time data that can be used for providing tailored services and acute detection of anomalies.

DARE provides a solution that leverages Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials, two recent W3C recommendations, and combines them with iSHARE trust services, to build an efficient access control solution. Another obstacle to data exchange associated with this challenge is that data from heterogeneous devices and sensors are often encoded in a device or vendor-specific format. To this end, DARE leverages FIWARE technologies to provide access to digital twins, represented using well-known data schemata, and access using the standardized NGSI-LD API.

Project website: https://i4trust.org/experiments/dare/

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