ChArGED: Cleanweb Gamified Energy Disaggregation {completed}

Plegma Labs is very proud to have been part of the ChArGED project addressing energy consumption in public buildings. ChArGED proposed a framework that aims to facilitate achieving greater energy efficiency and reductions of wasted energy in public buildings. The framework leverages IoT-enabled, low-cost devices (NFC or iBeacons) to improve energy disaggregation mechanisms that provide energy use and -consequently- wastage at the device, area and end-user level.

PLEGMA was the technical manager of this project, responsible for data collection and transfer to a cloud infrastructure provided by another partner, the proper installation of the equipment in the Greek pilot. During the project PLEGMA developed a prototype energy production forecasting model for solar panels.

Please browse the project portal for more information, news and partner updates:

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