Plegma Labs has proudly agreed to enter in a partnership agreement with ProSyst Software GmbH, a global leader in IoT Java/OSGi middle-ware. Prosyst has recently been acquired by Bosch.


Plegma Labs is the local sales representative of SATEC a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of smart energy meters.

Plegma Labs has introduced the flagship 36-channel smart meter to the local market creating a robust yet cost effective solution for building energy management.

Delphis Group

Delphis Group, a leading Air-condition, Refrigeration and Building services provider has chosen Plegma Labs as an integration partner and technology provider.


Plegma Labs has developed in cooperation with the Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, a high-precision combined water & energy monitoring system for domestic use for iWIDGET, a European Commission project aimed at improved water efficiency through the use of novel ICT technologies.


Plegma Labs cooperates with Ether, a local Energy Management industry expert, in the deployment of tailored-made smart building & energy solutions.

PM Projects Engineering Consultants

Plegma Labs was chosen by PM Projects Engineering Consultants as their integration and technology partner for their energy management projects.