The Internet is finally reaching out into the real world of physical objects; over 50 billion “things” are expected to be connected to the Internet by the end of the decade. Our ever-evolving system overcomes fragmentation issues and reduces the complexity in acquiring, storing and managing all this newly available data produced by sensors, smart devices, other systems and real life events. We bridge protocol barriers between different hardware/software vendors and apply meaningful rules and workflows that add intelligence to each of our system-applications, ultimately leading to efficiency and optimization.

Plegma “” platform, our flagship product, is a custom IoT cloud platform that provides Internet of Things management and efficiency services in the commercial, residential, and industrial sectors. It collects data from smart meters and sensors (e.g. weather, environmental and other sensors) and delivers custom analytics and visualizations, enabling customers to better understand their energy consumption and providing them with personalized recommendations on how to improve energy efficiency. Plegma’s platform offers multi-site visualization of actionable real-time and historical data, meter data-logging and multi-sensor management, multi-channel notifications and alerts, advanced analytics, customized rule engine and reporting services with minimum hardware footprint and setup downtime.